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Free thumbnails

Add to your catalogue previews for links absolutely free. Previews of more than 2 million pages listed in the "DMOZ Open Directory" catalogue can be used for free when the following conditions are observed:
  • You must not sell the previews to another party.
  • You can even download the previews and use local copies but they must not be stored for more than 4 weeks. Then you need to download a new preview from us.
  • You should place a link to the web page on your pages. We recommend the following code:
    Previews by<br>
    <a href=""></a>

E.g. the preview for web pages would be:

<img src="" border="0"
onload="if (this.width>20) this.border=1" alt="Preview">
A catalogue with previews delivered by us can be seen at

For free we provide only thumbnails in size 120 * 90 px. Our customers can choose thumbnails in any size.

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